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I suffered from enlarged Prostate which had some cancer involvement was quite a shock for me just after I turned 55 years last December. I then went to the Internet and found ProstateHospitalIndia website amongst several several others. I sent e-mails off with my specific problem outlined to three sites. Almost instantly I received a response from ProstateHospitalIndia sking for my medical reports, which I mailed to them.

Just the next day I got another email with so much of valuable information about the treatment options I had and the profiles of the doctors and number of surgeries performed by them. Just the next day I got another email with so much of valuable information about the treatment options I had and the profiles of the doctors and number of surgeries performed by them. I followed their advice for a Robotic Prostate Surgery that would also take care of my other concerns about cancer spill and impotency.

ProstateHospitalIndia helped me immensely to apply for India visa and make arrangements to fly to India and have the procedure done. Now just 2 weeks later, I am glad that I made a quick decision and I am feeling much better and walking unassisted and ready to return home. I attribute this to the world class technology here in India and the skill of the surgeon and staff who have worked so hard to get me back on the feet. The staff at the hospital are all smiles and very helpful.

I would recommend anyone who needs a Prostate Surgery to go for the Robotic option, its a bit expensive but teh pay offs are superb – less pain, quick recovery and no fear of complications.

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I have a family history of Prostate disease and so I have always been very vigilant to get myself tested every year. I did feel depressed when I learnt that the biopsy result conveyed that I had early stage Prostate Cancer. The scenario of long stay in hospital for undergoing prostatectomy, post-op infections, pain and the misery of Chemo Radiation was something I really wanted to avoid Fortunately for me I learnt that Robotic Prostate Surgery can treat my condition with just 2-3 days stay in hospital and I could regain my quality of life soon. However the cost in private hospital in UK was roughly £20,000.

Then I found this website and they arranged everything for me in One third of the UK cost at a JCI, USA accredited hospital in India, where the surgeon had much more experience of doing this robotic surgery than in my home country. I emailed my reports and with in a matter of few hours we had so much of valuable information sent to us. I could speak to the surgeon and communicate with him on WhatsApp and all my queries and concerns were addressed so well that I confidently boarded the flight to New Delhi, India. I am now back home and am so glad with the outcome.
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Just a couple months before, I had been referred to Doctor because, during a routine physical checkup, I discovered that my Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) level had risen by more than a point and a half, to 4.68, in just a year. That fateful day, Doctor called with my biopsy results. I had prostate cancer

After taking a few days to deal emotionally with his diagnosis, I began extensive research on prostate cancer and the various treatments. I spoke with a number of prostate cancer patients about their treatments and the problems they encountered. Around the same time, one of my friends attended a prostate cancer and brought me information about the ProstateHospitalIndia website.

The Prostate Cancer Treatment was absolutely successful and my brother is now back to normal and once again i say thank you and God bless you.

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